Where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going


Where I’ve been, where I am and where I am going..

People normally support me for what I’ve done. Most people think it’s brave, some are jealous and others are just trying to understand my urge to leave. When I say ‘normally’ it is because it isn’t always like that.. Unfortunately people can be very narrow minded..

I have met people who have told me to get my life together. I have met people who have told me to just go get an education. I have met people who think I’m wasting my money, “throwing” them out the window by traveling. I have met people who simply don’t get how my life in Denmark just isn’t enough for me – I mean, we are the happiest people in the world aren’t we?

Yes. Or so the stats say.

Maybe I should get my life together. Maybe I should get an education and stop spending money on plane-tickets, valley treks and boat-rides to castaway islands. Maybe I should, but that would make one of the, supposedly, happiest people in world sad and miserable. This is what I’m here to do. I feel it to my bones. Accept and respect that decision as well as I am respecting yours of not deciding to see the world. I think it’s wrong. I think you’re missing out but it is not up to me to decide what you choose in life. You want the fancy career, the castle, the kids and the 4W-drive – not me. Remember that.

Looking back I don’t regret anything I’ve done, said or decided because I know now it was right at the time. I don’t regret the heartbreaks, the tears or the sweat. I don’t regret the doubt or the insecurity because it has all been a part of this journey – everything is. Every decision we make is a part of forming and creating the human we become. We are responsible of the life we were given to live.

Maybe I should introduce myself before life lessons and travel stories take over.

I’m just a girl, like so many others, longing for something more, longing to see, to grow and to learn. I’m not sure where I am going but all I’m certain of is that I need to go. My inner travel-bug was born in Sri Lanka in 2012. I have always travelled a lot with family and friends from a very early age. It has been trips around Europe and to The States but Sri Lanka fed my travel bug because of the culture. A culture I’d never seen before, people who looked different from what I knew, food that was so tasteful and different than the Danish pastry and a nature that was more lush and beautiful than what I had ever experienced at the time.

The bug was born and it was only growing when I left for my first “real” backpacking trip on my own to Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia was full of diversities. It was full of adventures, food, people, beaches, nature, trekking, snorkeling and most of all it was full of laughter and beauty. It was definitely a great place to start a “career” as a traveller because of the way the people are and the way the infrastructure lets you figure things out as you go. This is probably the reason why so many people choose to start their travels in SE Asia – and of course the pricing as well.

When I left SE Asia after 5 months and returned back to Denmark I felt larger than life. I was young and alive and all of a sudden the world had opened new doors to me. New things that I needed to see and explore.

After just a couple days my mind, without me being aware of it, started planning and wondering. What is a life? What makes a life and who defines what a good life is? And last but not least – how do you make a life? As the youngest of 2 siblings, a loving and heart-warm family, a childhood in a good neighborhood, a good school, good grades and lots of friends throughout my childhood I needed to know that it wasn’t something I was just given. I needed to achieve something on my own. I need to prove to the world that I could make a life without anyones help or finances.

I booked my flights. Shaking. I’d just turned 20 and I had no idea why I had the urge to challenge myself in this way – what was I thinking? I got on the plane with shaking legs and wet eyes, I had no idea what I had gotten myself in to. I was so excited but so scared. 27 hours later my plane arrived in Sydney, Australia, everything from there is blurry – in a good way. In fact: In the best way. Traveling Australia is definitely a must do if you have the time and money for it, for so many people it becomes a second home within weeks. I moved down to Melbourne to start the so-called life that I had talked so much about. Building a life and finding myself. I’m pretty sure the one with finding myself has been an excuse to leave every single time I’ve booked a flight somewhere. I need to find myself I say, and I end up even more lost and hungry for adventures than I was before I left.

I ended up staying in Melbourne for more than a year. I managed to get a well-paid job, an amazing group of friends who had me through ups and downs, I fell in and out of love and learned to guard my heart for people who wanted only to take advantage. In other words: I grew to become stronger than ever. Every day.

Leaving Melbourne, going home to Denmark is the hardest thing I have ever done but in my mind I thought education was the most important thing. I needed to get an education to get anywhere and I believed in it so strongly that I packed up the life I’d build and returned to the one I’d left. Going through a depression when coming home, thinking I’d lost the ability to be happy, that I’d left the happiness inside of me in Australie was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. But it made me stronger. And wiser. And that I am only thankful for.

It wasn’t what I thought I’d be like. Education I mean. Maybe it just isn’t for me. Anyway, I decided to leave…. Again. This time I was headed to South America – another challenge I thought. South America gave me more than I had ever dreamed about. It taught me so much about myself, people, social intelligence and about cultures more different than I had ever seen them before. It re-opened my eyes to the world. Eyes that had narrowed themselves to thinking happiness could only be found in Australia. My eyes are now re-opened and I am ready to take on the world.

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